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Our material, which consists mainly of what could broadly be termed 'rockabilly' is available for licensing for CD releases, clearance for TV commercials, publicity and films, etc. We have been licensing and providing clearance to film companies, advertising agencies and overseas record labels for many years, including Red Bull and TV commercials for T-Mobile and Cravendale (winner of the Nov. 2009 UTalkMarketing People’s Choice). Our music can be heard in films like 'The General's Daughter' starring John Travolta and on TV programmes like PBS's 'DragonflyTV' series.
     The great majority of our recordings are also published by ourselves, which means that we can often clear Master Rights and Sync. Fees with one signature. Our vast publishing catalogue also means that we are in touch with 'co-operative' small labels and we can act as intermediary for all sorts of arrangements.
     As a record label, we're obviously interested in signing or making licensing deals with up and coming new acts. Contact us with your demos and biographies. However, please remember that we do not accept unsolicited e-mail attachments. Furthermore, we're also looking for music to license. If you've made your own CD, even if it's now deleted, we could be interested in making you an offer. This also applies if you've done a deal with a 'record company' where there was no contract....
     If you would like to advertise on this website, we're open to offers!

We have had our music used by companies like T-Mobile in Germany and Cravendale in the UK.
Here's more of our music being used in a Chevrolet commercial:
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Thanks to Goodby and Silverstein, San Francisco
Here's more of our music being used in a trailer for a computer game:
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Thanks to Heat and Electronic Arts
Here's one of Furious's recordings used by Dolce And Gabbana:
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Wild Recording - Nervous Publishing

Our address is:
Telephone in the UK on 020 8423 7373
outside the UK on +44 20 8423 7373
Fax in the UK on 020 8423 7713
outside the UK on +44 20 8423 7713
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