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       Well, they are little bits of information that websites store on your computer. Scarey, huh? Not really. Some sites use them for tracking your web surfing in order to target advertising at you. Please bear in mind that cookies are not exchangeable between different websites, so 'our' cookies can only be used here, and no-one else can get at them! Our cookies perform several functions, some help you, and some are useful to us, and others are just for Kaptain Zorch to prove that he can do it! We create them in JavaScript.
       Let's work our way through them. The first one counts how many times that you've been here, and then welcomes you appropriately. It also appears on the forms that you fill in and send to us. This way we can tell if you're a new visitor or an 'old hand'. Here's what your cookie for visits says:
HHF_VIS_1 = 
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WHEN=Mon Aug 17 2020 10:04:22 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
We like to know where you've come from. If someone has a link to our site, it's nice to know. If it's someone that we don't know, we sometimes pay that site a visit and thank them. Then we feel obliged to add their link to our site. These only seem work spasmodically. This is what these cookies look like:
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We also get other information from forms, and these might help us in guiding you to satisfactory purchases. Here's what this information looks like. Of course, you may have been lying!

Maybe some (or all) of these say nothing. If so, that's no problem. Maybe some are not telling the truth, because some of the things that you've filled in are just for fun. However, we feel obliged to be open about what goes on. Maybe you've got your browser set to refuse all cookies, or you've manually refused them. Your browser can only store a limited amount of cookies, so maybe you've collected a lot since you were last here, and you've 'forgotten' us. Maybe you've upgraded your browser, and the new one doesn't 'know' us. In any event, it's not 'mission critical'!
       The really important thing is that a cookie set by can only be 'read' by This applies to other sites, although some banner adverts 'lay' cookies that can effectively 'track' your path through the internet. These are sometimes called 'web bugs'.
       Cookies are handy because when you fill in another form, you often find that these details are already there. Clever, huh? We hope that this has set your mind at rest about cookies.
       Most browsers have options about cookies, and you should check to see how this applies to you.
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