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This is one of those 'lost psycho classics'. The sound is sorta like to Frenzy which makes sense since Simon Brand (vox, guitar) was one of the founding members and wrote Robot Riot. That means echo-heavy trebly guitars and lyrics that tend to stray away from horror movie cliches. Some songs are weirder than others like 'Psyclops Carnival', but Torment were never the typical band. The Mystery Men EP is a little heavier sound..
Simon Brand commited suicide in 1994, Kevin Haynes is still in Bristol, and Simon Crowfoot nowadays lives in New Zealand.

Torment - Psyclops carnival Torment - Mystery men
Death trail (Holder/Brand) * Uncle Sam (Haynes/Brand) *
Leap the frog (Brand) * Satisfied (Brand) *
Nightmare (Brand) * Rockjet (Brand) *
Head driven sinner (Brand) * Slow down (Williams) Westminster Music
Time to think (Brand) * Psyclops carnival (Brand) *
The last time (Jagger/Richards) * Pass it on (Brand) *
My dream (Brand) * The source (Brand) *
Hornets nest (Brand/Crowfoot) * True expressions (Crowfoot) *
Mystery men (Brand) * Rock strong (Mansfield) *
Conscription plan (Brand/Crowfoot) * Red red death (Brand/Crowfoot) *
Hypnosis Round the world Three's a crowd
Route 66 (Troup/Riddle) Burke Van Heusen/Gower Music  
Worse and worse (Brand) * Hypnosis (Crowfoot) *
Who do you love? (McDaniels) Tristan Music You know! Don't you? (Brand) *
Washed out (Brand) * Wait for the call (Brand) *
I can't stand the rain (Peebles/Bryant/Miller) Warner Chappell/Rondor Psyclone Joe (Brand) *
Don't despair (Brand) * Don't know (Brand) *
Alien nation (Brand) * Divedemyize (Brand) *
Sad man (Brand) * Strangulate (Brand/Crowfoot) *
Psycho (Brand)* Laser head (Brand)*
Love to drink (Brand)* Zodiac revolution (Brand)*
Hideaway (Brand/Crowfoot)* Good to be true (Brand)*
Kicked down low (Brand)* Reach out (Brand)*
Sail away (Brand/Crowfoot)* Eye for an eye (Brand/Crowfoot)*
Catch 22 (Crowfoot)* 20 flight rock (Fairchild/Cochran)
Torment (Brand)* These chains (Brand)*
You did nothing (Brand/Crowfoot)* Three's a crowd (Brand/Crowfoot)*
Scared of myself (Brand/Crowfoot)* Out of my head (Brand/Crowfoot)*
I'm a loser (Sardi/Sardi/Jones/Meadham)* Missing you (Brand/Crowfoot)*
Funeral party (Brand)* Rules for fools (Brand)*

* = Nervous Publishing.