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The Rhythmaires were from Manchester. This stuff all dates from 1987. The drummer here is Dave Machin who later re-surfaced in Russ Be-Bop's Roadrunners.
"What a great album" Alan Wilson

Who ya gonna choose (Fildes/Walmsley)* I hate you (Warburton)*
Christina (Warburton)* Demolition man (Warburton)*
Forbidden fruit (Fildes)* Come back to me (Warburton/Fildes)*
Hands off my baby (Warburton)* I'm burning (Warburton)*
Losing out again (Warburton)* Red hot rockin' blues (Denson/Denson) BMG Music
Her love rubbed off (Perkins) Knox Music By the time you read this letter (Warburton)*

* = Nervous Publishing.