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.... the most exciting new Rockabilly I've heard in a while. The trio is, I believe, from England and they offer a dozen original Rockabilly recordings here that are right out of 1958 without the pose common to so many of today's new bands. The musicianship is spectacular, especially guitarist Mark Harman, a speed demon with ideas pouring out of his hands a mile a second. Harman, or maybe his brother bassist Paul also wrote most of the LP. Production, songs, playing....everything is right. Someone get these boys a U.S. recording contract fast!" Goldmine June 1983
Here you'll find all the best of the early Restless recordings including the classic original version of 'Ice cold'.

Why don't you just rock
Do you feel restless
Long winding river (Harman) *   Leaving this town (Cooper/Harman/Carpenter) *  
It's a scam (Cooper) *   Ice cold (Harman) */Vintage Whine play sample in RealAudio  
Why don't you just rock? (Harman) *   High time (Harman) */Vintage Whine  
Last chance baby (Harman) */Vintage Whine   Tag, man, tag (Harman) */Vintage Whine  
Long black shiny car (Page) All Rock Music   Face in my gin (Cooper/Harman) *  
Yellow cab to midnight (Harman) */Vintage Whine   Morning comes slowly (Harman) */Vintage Whine  
Blackat (Harman) */Vintage Whine   Travellin (Harman) */Vintage Whine  
High time #2 (Harman) */Vintage Whine   Later (Pingatore) Cecil Lennox Ltd.  
Bottle on the beach (Harman)*   Here I am (Cooper)*  
Fool's gold (Cooper)*   Down at the swamp (Cooper)*  
Alabama jailhouse (Morris) EMI Music   Prisoner of love (Cooper)*  
Sob story (Cooper)*   Crack up'n'fall to pieces (Harman/Harman/Cooper)*  
Sixteen tons (Travis) Campbell Connelly   Baby please don't go (Williamson) Universal/MCA Music  
Here I am (dub) (Cooper)*   Sweet surprise (Cooper)*  
Edge on you (Harman)*   Slidin' on down the hill (Harman/Cooper)*  
Why didn't I stay at home? (Cooper)*   That's all right (Stone) Cop. Cont.  
New Orleans (Guida/Ryster) EMI/United Partnership
(Live at The Big Rumble)
  Shake your moneymaker (James) EMI Music
(Live at The Big Rumble)
The early years Figure it out
The girl on death row (re-edit) (Stratton/Malone)*   Ghost town (Harman) Vintage Whine  
The girl on death row (Strange edit) (Stratton/Malone)*   Rock the joint (Crafton/Keene/Bagby) EMI Mills Music  
Twenty flight rock (Fairchild/Cochran) Campbell Connelly   Modern romance (Clark/Lacey) Cop. Cont.  
Sag, drag and fall (Massey/Gilliland) Peermusic (UK)   Double talkin' baby (Wolfe) Warner Chappell  
Something I said (Williams) EMI United Partnership   Road to paradise (Harman)*  
Guitar man (Hubbard) International Music Network   Nowhere to go (Kirkpatrick)*  
Just an echo (Cooper/Harman)*   Empty hands (Harman)*  
Better than nothing (Harman)*   Still waiting (Kirkpatrick)*  
I go wild (Harman)*   Shopping around (Schroeder/Tepper/Bennett) Carlin/MCA Music  
Going back (Harman)*   His latest flame (Pomus/Schuman) Carlin  
Memoir blue (Harman)*   Radar love (Kooymans/Hay) STEMRA/Sony/ATV  


Veryt best of Restless Hells bent on rockin'
Just can't take it (Cooper)*   Tobacco road (Loudermilk) Polygram Music  
Memphis (Berry) Jewel Music   Somebody told me (Harman) Head Music  
How can I find you (Cooper) Head Music   Ghost town (live) (Harman) Vintage Whine Music  
Poor man's prison (Henderson/Colley) Acuff-Rose   New girl friend (Gene/Wayne)*  
Dark blue sea (Cooper/Malone) Head Music   Old black Joe (Trad) Cop. Cont.  


Devil Gate Drive
She Does It Right
The Cat Crept in
There You Go*
Ain't Going Down (Till the Sun Comes Up)
Country Girl
Ooh La La
She Saw Something in Me*
The Pendolino Special*
Walking by Myself
Our Last Night
You Been Gone*


* = Nervous Publishing.