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The Pharaohs were a British Psychobilly band from Harlow in Essex. Their vocalist and second guitarist, Glenn Daeche, wrote most of their songs. They were regulars at the Klub Foot and other low-life places in the Eighties. As one of the 'first generation' of Psychobilly bands, one can see that their roots were firmly embedded in Rockabilly.
"Aside from some very cool British psychobilly tracks like an insane 'Wild Thing' (Troggs), 'Radar Love' (Golden Earring), 'Down The Line' (Roy Orbison) and a slab of rockin' originals, the Pharaohs cut a very cool surfabilly instro.
The Theme From Cairo
Tribal rolling drums and a cool melody riff writhe with twang. The arrangement definitely straddles the line between surf and psychobilly, without sacrificing either. There are references to spaghetti western and adventure themes in the writing. An excellent track." Phil Dirt

Wild thing (Taylor) EMI Songs Ltd.   Tomb of the dead - psycho mix (Daeche) *  
Keep on running (Daeche) *   Radar love (Kooymans/Hay) Sony/ATV Music Ltd.  
Wipe-off (Daeche) *   Dead to the world (Daeche)*  
Theme from Cairo (Daeche) *
N.B. Abrupt end due to segway
into next track on master.
  Down the line (Orbison) Carlin Music
N.B. Abrupt start due to segway
from previous track on master.

It is suggested that you join the above two tracks together to make the music play correctly.
Killed love (alt) (Daeche) *   Blue Egypt (Deache) *  
Drinkin' (Daeche) *   Never coming back (Daeche) *  
Smell of cop (Daeche) *   Crazy and wild (Daeche) *  
Turkey dance (Daeche) *   Tomb of the dead (Daeche) *  
Hammer and sickle blues
Listen pretty baby (Daeche) *   Y'just don't know (Daeche) *  
Crazy crazy happenings (Daeche) *   You're on your own (Daeche) *  
57 Chevy (Deache) *   Dead to the world (Daeche) *  
Getting out (Daeche) *   Hammer and sickle blues (Daeche) *  
Beerslingin' and redneckin' (Daeche) *   Don't get me wrong (Hynde) Clive Banks Songs  
Baby let's play house (Gunter) Embassy Music   Psycho numbskull (Daeche) *  
Vigilante (Daeche) *   Cleopatra (Daeche) *  
Pharaohs to cowboys (Daeche) *      

* = Nervous Publishing