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The Nitros were a classy British neo-rockabilly outfit comprising of John O'Malley - guitar/vocal, Gary Day, bass, vocal, and Rich Taylor - drums. They later backed up Colbert Hamilton on an album and a Japanese tour. Gary Day went on to a period of fame and fortune with Morrisey, and John O'Malley joined Mark Keeley's 'Good Rockin' Tonight'.
"If anyone comes across any recordings by the Nitros, do check them out. Gary was in that band for a short time, and they are...hip shaking! Rockabilly!" Violeta 
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I'm doin' fine (Day/O'Malley)*   What's gonna come of me (O'Malley)*  
Stompin' beat (O'Malley)*   I'll cry instead (Lennon/McCartney) Sony/ATV Music  
Scrapin' the barrel (O'Malley/Day/Taylor)*   Crazy little thing called love (Mercury) Queen Music  
I ain't mad (O'Malley/Day)*   Gotta pay (O'Malley)*  
Rockin' all night (Bloomberg) BTW Music   Dyin' day (O'Malley/Day)*  
Devils' ship (O'Malley)*   Swingsville (O'Malley/Day)*  
All I can do is cry (Walker) Polygram Music      

* = Nervous Publishing.