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Frenzy's first album. This was a bit of a milestone for Psychobilly when it first appeared. It was at this point in the development of this music that this type of band could no longer play in a 'straight' rockin' club. Previously, even bands like the Meteors had been playing in rockin' clubs.
"This is the first full length release from one of the first and most influential 80's psychobilly bands, Frenzy. This band is basically for Steve Whitehouse's bass playing ability, which is hinted at in the Sharks' first album, but really hits its stride in his own act. Honestly, my favorite tracks on this record are the ones featuring Simon Brand, who left the band before they finished the record to form Torment, his songs include the wonderful Frenzy and Robot Riot. Kev Saunders' songs are also pretty good. One word to describe Frenzy is a difficult thing, but 'weird' is the word I'd use, songs like 'Schizoprenic Emotions' are just weird, and appealing in some way. Strange thing is that almost without exception, Americans seem not to like this band, but Europeans love them, most people attribute this to their live show, but I really like them, as I'm starting to get into older Psycho. This band and Torment are among the most original I've ever heard. I really like them and look forward to maybe seeing them someday!" Josh

One last chance (Whitehouse/Pepler) *   Schitzophrenic emotions (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Choice (Whitehouse/Pepler) *   Hall of mirrors (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Frenzy (Whitehouse/Pepler) *   Asylum moves (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Skeleton rock (Whitehouse) *   Sweet money (Whitehouse/Pepler/Brand) *  
Ghost train (Whitehouse) *   Long gone (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Surfin' bird (Frazier/White/Turner/Harris) Ardmore & Beechwood   Was it me? (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Wound up (Whitehouse/Pepler) *   Frustration (Whitehouse/Pepler) *  
Hall of mirrors #2 (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *   Robot riot (Whitehouse/Pepler/Brand) *  
Cry or die (Brand) *   All alone (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Torment (Whitehouse/Pepler) *      
Clockwork toy This is the fire

Clockwork toy

Clockwork toy (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music   I see red (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music  
Misdemeanour (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *   Nightmares (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music  
Love is the drug (Ferry/MacKay) BMG Music   Mexican radio (Moreland/Ridgeway) Bugle Songs  
Howard Hughes (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music   In my prison (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Aftermath (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music   Nobody's business (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Whose life (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music   Don't give up (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *  
Gotta go! (Bradley) Asterisk Music   The hunt (Whitehouse/Saunders) Head Music  
House on fire (Whitehouse/Seviour/Saunders) Head Music      

This is the fire

Ready or not (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   Another day (Adams/Vallance) Rondor Music (London)  
Robot riot '89' (Whitehouse/Pepler/Brand) *   I want your lovin' (Arrow) Cop. Cont  
Can't stop thinkin' about you (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   This is the fire (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick/Arrow) *  
Scandalous (Whitehouse/Hodges/Kirkpatrick) *   Come back my love (Mansfield) Peermusic (UK)  
Reward (Cope/Gill) Zoo Music   Wild night (Bradley) Asterisk Music  
Forever young (Whitehouse/Arrow/Kirkpatrick) *    

Live at the 100 Club

    I see red (Whitehouse/Saunders) Head Music  
Misdemeanour (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) *   Love is the drug (Ferry/MacKay) BMG Songs  
House on fire (Whitehouse/Seviour/Saunders) Head Music   Howard Hughes (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music  
The hunt (Whitehouse/Saunders) Head Music   Clockwork toy (Whitehouse/Pepler/Saunders) Head Music  
Migraine (Sardi/Sardi/Jones/Meadham) *   Gotta go! (Bradley) Asterisk Music  
It's all over now (Womack/Womack ABKCO Music   Robot riot (Whitehouse/Pepler/Brand) *  

Eastern sun

Eastern Sun (Whitehouse/Parry/Seviour) *   Tush (Gibbons/Hill/Beard) Hamstein Music  
Red Storm (Whitehouse/Parry/Seviour) *   Nervous breakdown (Roccuzzo) Cross Music  
Mad mad world (live in Japan) (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   Cry or die (live in Japan) (Brand) *  

(It's a) Mad mad world

(It's a) Mad mad world (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   So far away (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *  
Part of me (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   C C Rider (Rainey) Cop. Cont.  
Pressure (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   Hot rod satellite (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *  
Rock hard (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   Brand new gun (Alan) Rockin Music  
The crunch (Hewson) Rah Music   I can't tell you (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *  
Show me the way (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *   Ready or not (Orchestration mix) (Whitehouse/Kirkpatrick) *  

* = Nervous Publishing.