Spook And The Ghouls

Nervous logoSpook and the Ghouls Whitechapel Murders LP sleeveSpook And The Ghouls were a horror Gothabilly/Psychobilly act from the North East of England. They appeared like medieval 'hoodies'! Their bassist usually played his slap-bass via an echo chamber to give it a more 'ethereal' sound. I remember them coming on stage at an outdoor psychobilly event and as they stepped on stage, dark clouds gathered and there was a huge thunderclap. Oo-er....



Spook And The Ghouls MP3s - all 99¢ each

Reaper grim (Badminton)* Live and raw (Badminton)*
Let 'em swing (Badminton)* Twisted kind (Badminton)*
Demon barber of Fleet Street (Badminton)* Vampira (Badminton)*
Nightmares from beyond (Badminton)* Love me so (Badminton)*
Gallows are awaiting (Badminton)* Werewolf in our town (Badminton)*
Dead flesh creeping (Badminton)* Bela Lugosi's dead (Ash/Haskins/Haskins/Murphy) Beggars Banquet
Death ride (Badminton)* Rocker (Young/Scott/Young) J. Albert & Son

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