Ronnie And The Jitters

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Ronnie And The Jitters

These tracks date from 1984, and were licensed to Nervous by 'Rebel Riot' Records. There was also a release on the 'Banana label, and 'Black slacks' was released as a single in the USA. Some of it sounds a bit like The Stray Cats with a blasting sax...

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Roll over Richard (Decal/Dey)* Wild Weekend (Todaro/Shannon) Shantodd Music
Love somebody new (Decal/Bruno)* She's not the girl (Decal)*/Rock away (Missal/Post/Decal)*
Black slacks (Bennet/Denton) Pamco/EMI Music There's a guy works down the truck stop swears he's Elvis (MacColl/Rambow) Blackhill/Warner/Chrysalis
Can't fool a woman (Decal)* Take me in your arms (Decal/Keller)*
Crazy place (Decal)*   

* = Nervous Publishing
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