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Rockabilly 88

Rockabilly 88 were also known as 'The 88s'. Members incuded Screamin' Rees Lloyd and Robbie Grice, alias Johnny Dark, who is an avid fan of American music, primarily the genres relating to Country music. He has an extensive collection of vinyl, CDs and digital recordings, which he began in 1963 with the first 45-RPM record he ever bought Duane Eddy's 'Boss Guitar'. He plays guitar, banjo and mandolin and sings lead vocals in The Flat Out Strangers, a roots country, gospel and rockabilly band that also features Larry Klein. Other members were Steven Jackson (who became a glass-blower in France!) and perhaps the most well-known of the members, Mark W. Winchester, who played upright bass with The Planet Rockers and Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers and several years with the Brian Setzer orchestra and also the Brian Setzer group. Mark Winchester joined the group just in time to cut the Brian Setzer Orchestra's breakout single, 'Jump, Jive, an' Wail', from 1998's 'The Dirty Boogie'.
     Rockabilly 88's drummer was Rick Griffith, AKA Tom Katt.

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