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Nervous logo".... the most exciting new Rockabilly I've heard in a while. The trio is, I believe, from England and they offer a dozen original Rockabilly recordings here that are right out of 1958 without the pose common to so many of today's new bands. The musicianship is spectacular, especially guitarist Mark Harman, a speed demon with ideas pouring out of his hands a mile a second. Harman, or maybe his brother bassist Paul also wrote most of the LP. Production, songs, playing....everything is right. Someone get these boys a U.S. recording contract fast!" Goldmine June 1983
Here you'll find all the best of the early Restless recordings including the classic original version of 'Ice cold'.

Restless MP3s all 99¢ each

Why don't you just rock
Do you feel restless
Long winding river (Harman) * Leaving this town (Cooper/Harman/Carpenter) *
It's a scam (Cooper) * Ice cold (Harman) */Vintage Whine play sample in RealAudio
Why don't you just rock? (Harman) * High time (Harman) */Vintage Whine
Last chance baby (Harman) */Vintage Whine Tag, man, tag (Harman) */Vintage Whine
Long black shiny car (Page) All Rock Music Face in my gin (Cooper/Harman) *
Yellow cab to midnight (Harman) */Vintage Whine Morning comes slowly (Harman) */Vintage Whine
Blackat (Harman) */Vintage Whine Travellin (Harman) */Vintage Whine
High time #2 (Harman) */Vintage Whine Later (Pingatore) Cecil Lennox Ltd.
Bottle on the beach (Harman)* Here I am (Cooper)*
Fool's gold (Cooper)* Down at the swamp (Cooper)*
Alabama jailhouse (Morris) EMI Music Prisoner of love (Cooper)*
Sob story (Cooper)* Crack up'n'fall to pieces (Harman/Harman/Cooper)*
Sixteen tons (Travis) Campbell Connelly Baby please don't go (Williamson) Universal/MCA Music
Here I am (dub) (Cooper)* Sweet surprise (Cooper)*
Edge on you (Harman)* Slidin' on down the hill (Harman/Cooper)*
Why didn't I stay at home? (Cooper)* That's all right (Stone) Cop. Cont.
New Orleans (Guida/Ryster) EMI/United Partnership
(Live at The Big Rumble)
Shake your moneymaker (James) EMI Music
(Live at The Big Rumble)
The early yearsFigure it out
The girl on death row (re-edit) (Stratton/Malone)* Ghost town (Harman) Vintage Whine
The girl on death row (Strange edit) (Stratton/Malone)* Rock the joint (Crafton/Keene/Bagby) EMI Mills Music
Twenty flight rock (Fairchild/Cochran) Campbell Connelly Modern romance (Clark/Lacey) Cop. Cont.
Sag, drag and fall (Massey/Gilliland) Peermusic (UK) Double talkin' baby (Wolfe) Warner Chappell
Something I said (Williams) EMI United Partnership Road to paradise (Harman)*
Guitar man (Hubbard) International Music Network Nowhere to go (Kirkpatrick)*
Just an echo (Cooper/Harman)* Empty hands (Harman)*
Better than nothing (Harman)* Still waiting (Kirkpatrick)*
I go wild (Harman)* Shopping around (Schroeder/Tepper/Bennett) Carlin/MCA Music
Going back (Harman)* His latest flame (Pomus/Schuman) Carlin
Memoir blue (Harman)* Radar love (Kooymans/Hay) STEMRA/Sony/ATV

Veryt best of RestlessHells bent on rockin'
Just can't take it (Cooper)* Tobacco road (Loudermilk) Polygram Music
Memphis (Berry) Jewel Music Somebody told me (Harman) Head Music
How can I find you (Cooper) Head Music Ghost town (live) (Harman) Vintage Whine Music
Poor man's prison (Henderson/Colley) Acuff-Rose New girl friend (Gene/Wayne)*
Dark blue sea (Cooper/Malone) Head Music Old black Joe (Trad) Cop. Cont.

* = Nervous Publishing



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