Jeff Potter

Nervous logo"Jeff Potter & The Rhythm Agents were first heard on a Dynamite single back in 1994 (see NDT 131). Since then sporadic tracks by this multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter have appeared on the compilations 'Is It Cool' in 1995 (NDT 151) and 'Fury-Mental - 20 Hot lnstrumentals' in 1997 (NDT 174).
     Currently, Jeff Potter is playing solo shows and travelling with the New York Lustre Kings. Last July he was with them at the huge Rockin' '50s Fest in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has also worked with such heavyweights as Eddie Angel, Bill Kirchen (as in Commander Cody), Al Anderson's Wildweeds (Al Anderson as in NRBQ) and NRBQ (as in Carl Perkins and NRBQ).
     Previous reviews have referred to Jeff Potter as a boogie-woogie, blues and rock'n'roll piano player as well as a drummer able to recreate the Sandy Nelson sound. Jeff Potter is not easily pigeon-holed but a strong feeling for boogie­woogie runs through whatever he does and that is the attraction." Chris Woodford - NDT 240

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