Colbert Hamilton
Wild at heart
Voodoo Swing
We're usin' code names
Tim Polecat
Virtual Rockabilly
1.Lucille 2.Wild at heart
3.Still rockin' after all these beers
4.Bad reputation 5.Too late
6.Boom boom
7.Do you wanna rock?
8.Abused by you
9.High-flyin' cat 10.Boogaville
11.Pass the bottle
12.The boys are back in town
13.Big in the world 14.99 girls
1.Better be changin' yer ways
2.American white trash
3.Low & slow 4.Made in the U.S.A.
5.Gallagator 6.Shut up
7.Here comes trouble
8.Baby come back 9.Just my type
10.My baby sends me
11.Chasin' the Devil's hotrod
12.Voodoo swingin'
13.Shit kickin' Christians
14.Burnin' love
1.Thunder and lightnin'
2.Tornado 3.Jigsaw man
4.Lady Medusa
5.Rockin' bones
6.The Catman returns 7.Panic
8.The boys are back in town
9.Head on 10.Guardian angel
11.Shiver, shiver
12.Rock until you drop
13.The pit
14.Jungle of the bass
The Mean Cat Daddies
Ghost of your love
The Taggy Tones
Lost in the desert
Various artists
Is it cool?
1.Sally-Ann 2.(She's) Just a memory
3.Sign of the times 4.Why do I cry?
5.Drivin' all night 6.I can tell
7.Decision time 8.Tell me
9.Am I the one? 10.Ghost of your love
11.Midnight cruise 12.Losing game
13.Waitin' for you 14.This is the end
1.I miss you 2.Monster bop
3.Big machine 4.People are strange
5.Wild girl 6.Double trouble
7.Saturday night 8.Trouble boys
9.Everybody's rocking 10.Keep on waiting
11.Nose pickin' mama 12.Lonely tonight
13.Baby I don't care
14.Champagne for breakfast
15.Blue train 16.My first guitar
17.Kinky miss pinky
Compilation of US acts:
Scott Crothers, 3 Blue Teardrops,
The Memphis Mafia,
Erik & The Dragtones,
High Noon, Jeff Potter,
The Scoffed, Wreckin' Ball,
Mustang Lightning,
Whole Lotsa Papa,
Rotgut, Larry LaVey,
Danny Thompson,
Rockabilly 88 & Buzz and The Flyers
Darrel Higham
Mobile corrosion
The Elektraws
The Quakes
Live in Tokyo
1.Like a brand new man
2.If you can live with it
3.Long lonely road
4.Deep in the heart of Texas
5.I like me just fine
6.Second hand information
7.In my heart 8.No-one will grieve
9.Revenue man 10.Country Lila Rhe
11.You were right, I was wrong
12.I've been gone a long time
13.Don't bug me baby 14.Amanda's song
15.Travis pickin' 16.Life goes on
17.Rockin' band blues
1.Lost in a time vortex
2.Raving mad 3.Elektones
4.Heartless man 5.Fist fight
6.Mad man 7.Get tattooed
8.I'm gone 9.Let's cry out 10.Delerious
11.Hell's bent on rockin'
12.Gallows birds 13.Thundering love
14.Shock rock
15.Lost in a time vortex #2
1.Lonely boy 2.You're dead
3.Puttin' out the flame
4.One of a kind 5.Paint it black
6.Strike out king
7.Stick to your guns
8.All messed up 9.Psycho attack
10.Fishnet stockings 11.Hangman's noose
12.Shook, shake
13.Shake your moneymaker
Good to go
King Memphis
The astonishing
The very best of
1.Let it rock 2.I wanna be loved
3.Easy road 4.She's good to go
5.And I'm blue 6.I'm down
7.All or nothing 8.L A Woman
9.Leave me cold 10.Danger town
11.Fires below
12.What difference does it make
13.Small town bigshot
14.Get over you
1.Crazy alien chick
2.Little Joe from Chicago
3.C'mon pretty baby 4.Lone star
5.Mr. Clean 6.Let it go
7.She hit me with a whip
8.'62 ragtop 9.Gonna have a ball
10.Baby bay 11.You gotta pay
12.Walkin' my baby back home
13.Big hair 14.Red hot and ready
15.Gas cap 16.I'm mad
1.Ice cold 2.Long black shiny car
3.Bottle on the beach
4.Baby, please don't go
5.Edge on you 6.Modern romance
7.New Orleans (live) 8.Radar love
9.Just can't take it 10.Tobacco Road
11.Memphis 12.Somebody told me
13.How can I find you
14.Ghost town(live) 15.Poor man's prison
16.New girl friend 17.Dark blue sea
18.You're just an echo 19.Old black Joe
The Backbeats
Back to the beat
Bill McElroy
Slimline daddy
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1.Back to the beat 2.Inject your soul
3.Goin' crazy 4.Yeah uhuh
5.Beneath the stars 6.Bad mouthin'
7.Love's a funny thing
8.Why do you say bye bye
9.How low can you feel
10.Got my lazy eyes on you
11.Let's dance
12.I like your kinda love
13.Take it as it comes
14.One day at a time
15.My own song 16.Mojo workin'
1.Oklahoma blues 2.Crazy arms
3.Rocking til the day I die
4.The cold light of day
5.This time I play to win
6.She sure can rock me
7.Flying high
8.Heading back up to the hills
9.Slimline daddy
10.You loved me and
left me for dead
11.Bachelor boogie
12.When your conscience calls time
13.Fool's gold 14.Gabriella
1.Raging with fear 2.Misery
3.Psychological breakdown
4.Sudden attack 5.The glove
6.Misirlou 7.Cry in the dark
8.Terminal damage 9.He said she said
10.Frustrated 11.Killer love
12.Travelog 13.Deep river
14.The chamber 15.Days of old
16.Beatin' my drum 17.Hammer on
18.Tightrope 19.Twisted 20.Vertigo
The Muskrats
The young & restless
Hayride To Hell
Hayride To Hell
Nine Lives
1.Sleeping beauty 2.The only thing
3.Good lookin' woman 4.I told you all along
5.Ain't that just 6.Rocking on the guitar (1)
7.Muskrat 8.Had a lotta lovin'
9.You're too much 10.Ride my rod
11.Rock strong 12.Driftaway
13.I'm leavin' 14.Linda 15.Venus
16.The young and the restless
17.Rocking on the guitar (2)
1.Graveyard stomp 2. Mad scientist
3. Serial killer 4.Ghostrider
5.Evil Kneivel 6.Creature features
7.Rockin' coffin bar
8.The evil within me
9.Munsterz 10.Darkside
12.Werewolves on wheels
13.Fightin' with Jack +?
1.Red light district 2.Red hot tease
3.Minefield 4.Walk like an Egyptian
5.Don't start to walk away 6.In love
7.Rat-bite 8.GOD 9.Weird-O-U
10.Substance 11.Quit you now
12.No rules 13.Love can kill
14.Fairy-tale 15.Strip you sense
16.No-one else around
Rock Island Line
The very best of
The Nervous 45 rpm
The Midnight Dynamos
Do you wanna dance?
1.Choo choo ch'boogie
2.Go 'way hound dog 3.Teenage boogie
4.Boppin' the blues 5.Ice cream
6.Crossword puzzle 7.If I ain't home
8.Barkin' up the wrong tree
9.Justine 10.Maybe that's why I care
11.Ain't got money
12.Boppin' at The Hardrock
13.Baby says
14.Last train to San Fernando
15.Peepin' eyes 16.Right string baby
1 & 2 The Polecats
Rockabilly guy/Chicken shack
3 & 4 The Deltas - Heart attack/Spellbound
5 & 6 Legendary Lonnie
Constipation shake/Devil's guitar
7 & 8 Rockin' Johnny Austin
City Lights/Rockabilly stroll
9 The Polecats - Marie Celeste
10 & 11 Restless - Edge on you/Ghost town
12 & 13 Rochee & The Sarnos
Whistle Wriggle/Rumble in the jungle
14 The Scamps - Shake your hips
15 - 17 Frenzy - Robot riot/Torment/Cry or die
18 & 19 The Pharaohs
Vigilante/You're on your own
20 & 21 The Rapids - The raid/Silver bullet
22 The Sharks - Ghost train
23 - 25 Torment
Mystery men/Rock strong/Conscription plan

1.Boppin' little baby 2.I love you Suzanne
3.I've got my sights on someone new
4.Sweet sweet girl 5.Runaround Sue
6.Slow down 7.Little pig 8.Back for good
9.Baby come back 10.You know what I mean
11.Roll over Beethoven 12.Valerie
13.A thousand stars 14.Do you wanna dance?
15.Go home 16.Goodnight Irene
Rockabilly gold
High Voltage

1.Trouble 2.Sip sip sippin'
3.Jumpin' jumpin'
4.Teddy Boys 5.Rockabilly beat
6.Miff's riff 7.What do you want?
8.Bonneville bop 9.Ain't no holdin' back
10.What you fancy 11.Pipeline
12.Never can tell
13.Rockabilly baby
14.Dog house rock
1. The Caravans - I heard it through the grapevine
2. The Pharaohs - Don't get me wrong
3. The Long Tall Texans - Should I stay or should I go
4. The Sharks - Itís all over now
5. The Ricochets - King rocker
6. The Rapids - Swords of a thousand men
7. The Coffin Nails - Greased lightning
8. The Griswalds - Happy hour
9. The Quakes - Paint it black
10. The Taggy Tones - John and Mary
11. Colbert Hamilton - The boys are back in town
12. Voodoo Swing - Burnin' love
13. Wild - L. A. woman
14. Restless - Radar love
15. The Muskrats - Venus
16. Nine Lives - Walk like an Egyptian
17. The Psycho Bunnies - Jolene
18. Torment - I canít stand the rain
19. Skitzo - House of the rising sun
20. Frenzy - Love is the drug
1.The woman I need 2.Wherever I go
3.Jump start boogie 4.Something baby
5.Hi voltage 6.Two time lover
7.Hey baby 8.All night long
9.Good woman leavin' 10.I move I lose
11.Used to be 12.Something I said
13.Leaving 14.Three day drunk
Blue Flame Combo
Rockabillies go home
Mystery Gang
Hot 'n' Wild Rockabily cuts
The Jime
It's still rock'n'roll to me
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1.Platinum 2.Japanese work theory
3.Bobby says 4.Resident punk
5.Paul's new girlfriend 6.Some girls
7.Misfit 8.I don't wanna be hurt 9.Ask
10.Bad mouth
11.Retail manifesto
1.Grab my gal 2.Ooby dooby
3.Rockin' daddy
4.Gone, gone, gone
5.Fly to the moon
6.Please don't leave me
7.My baby wants to look like Betty Page
8.Good rockin' tonight
9.Jumpin' around
10.She's got more rhythm
than a 10-piece honk-tonk band
11.5 feet of lovin' 12.Love me
13.My baby's got an automobile
14.Baby-baby-blue 15.Jungle rock
 1.It's still rock'n'roll to me
2.There's a thing about love
3.Wanna rock, wanna bop
4.Lonesome train
5.Rock-it! Rock-it!
6.Looking for a girl like you
7.Learning to fly
8.Had enough of love
9.Around the world
10.Sign of the times
11.Time gone by 12.Wild, wild, wild
13.Do it 14.I wanna hold....
15.Help 16.On the other side
Johnny Black
Extra chrome
J C Lee
Tokyo heat
Mick Satan & The Rockin' Devils
Teddy Boy anthems
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1.Fade away 2.Fight back
3.Barroom hop 4.Rockabilly girls
5.Shakin' with the fever
6.Sock it to me 7.We're gonna rock
8.Rockin' boppin' strollin'
9.Bop bop bop
10.Goin' back south
11.New gypsy blues
12.Crackerjack 13.Hurricane
14.All nite long
1.All you gotta do 2.Always and forever
3.Can I be with you tonight 4.Cat fight
5.Cowboy song #1 6.Don't know why
7.Don't push my heart too far
8.Drink another bottle down
9.I just met you 10.I know, you know
11.I'm tryin' not to fall
12.Man of mystery
13.Nothing special
14.Take time 15.Tokyo heat
1.Teddy Boy rock fan's broken romance blues
2.I got them 'I done broke ma leg an'
can't rock'n'roll with ma honey baby' blues
3.McTed 4.Off my rocker
5.Out of limits 6.That's what love will do
7.I wanna be an 'ells angel
8.Middle-aged Teddy Boy's lament
9.Fank yer lucky stars 10.My brain 'urts
11.I yam a greaser 12.Lightnin' Lil
13.Greaser Grumplin's chopper
14.Sign of the beast 15.Spell it out
16.Half pint rockabilly wizard
Vernon & The G.I.'s
G. I. Bop
Wreck the hoose juice
RedHot Trio
Passport to Hell
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1.Ghost train boogie 2.Rockabilly twist
3.I can count three stars 4.Be boppin' baby
5.Big Al 6.Jim Dandy 7.GI Bop
8.I'm a Teddy Boy
9.If you want me c'mon over here and get me
10.Burn out 11.Just us two
12.Ain't got a thing
1.Hang your head 2.Cool little Sue
3.My eyes run dry 4.No ifs no buts no maybes
5.All night long 6.Crazy about my whiskey
7.Pretty little Lilly 8.For you (my angel)
9.Don't change your style 10.Let it out
11.Pill poppin' Annie 12.Me ald man robbed me bike
13.Crazy high school baby 14.Carry on
15.Punk bashin' boogie 16.We are the Teds
1. Black dog 2. Crazy 'bout you baby
3. Too many thoughts 4. Death of me
5. Down to Hell 6. Spanish sun
7. One too many whiskeys 8. Back stab
9. Run 'n' hide 10. Dog house
11. Guns of Afghanistan
12. Hanging on the telephone
13. Back stab (unplugged mix)
14. Working man's blues
15. Just another day
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