The Jackals
Terminal damage
The Pharaohs
Hammer & Sickle blues
Jackals LP sleeve
Terminal damage
Hammer and sickle blues
1.Psychobilly Belinda
2.The Stroll 3.Ice cold blues
4.Makes you scream 5.Too crucial
6.She's the one
7.Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight
8.I'll go crazy 9.No brain
10.Party train 11.My baby loves rock'n'roll
12.The fly 13.Ghetto ride
14.What's wrong?
1.Empty room 2.Frustrated
3.The game 4.Sore point
5.Honey don't 6.Victim
7.Psycho ward 8.Terminal damage
9.Double talkin' baby
10.No return 11.Green door
12.Condemned to death
14.Livin' on the edge
1.Listen pretty baby
2.Y'just don't know
3.Crazy crazy happenings
4.You're on your own 5.57 Chevy
6.Dead to the world 7.Getting out
8.Hammer and sickle blues
9.Beerslingin' and redneckin'
10.Don't get me wrong
11.Baby let's play house
12.Psycho numbskull
The Ratmen
Live fast die young
Zorch Factor 3
Spook & The Ghouls
Whitechapel Murders
The Ratmen LP sleeve
LP sleeve
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1.In the hall of the mountain king
2.I can't sleep 3.Lolita
4.Kaw-Liga 5.Blond beautiful and dead
6.My girl 7.My baby left me
8.Hangover 9.I went to see the gypsy
10.Voodoo 11.Big brown eyes
12.I love rock'n'roll
1. Coffin Nails - House on the haunted hill
2. Skitzo - Crying state
3. Torment - Route 66
4. The Caravans - I heard it through the grapevine
5. Restless - Ghost town
6. Spook & The Ghouls - Reaper grim
7. The Quakes - I can't stay
8. The Pharaohs - Crazy and wild
9. Simon Brand - Broken home
10. Get Smart - What''s your papa gonna say?
11. The Caravans - That's the way it is
12. Spook & The Ghouls - Live and raw
13. The Surfin' Wombatz - I hear the pounding of my heart
14. Frantic Flintstones - Safe surf
1.Reaper grim
2.Demon barber of Fleet Street
3.Vampira 4.Nightmares from beyond
5.Love me so 6.Let 'em swing
7.Twisted kind 8.Gallows are awaiting
9.Werewolf in our town
10.Dead flesh creeping
11.Bela Lugosi's dead 12.Live and raw
13.Death ride 14.Rocker

The Surfin' Wombatz
Lager louts
The Sharks
First and last
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Lager louts
First and last
1.Tell me 2.There's a girl in my heart
3.Who was she 4.Be good to me
5.Glad to see you baby 6.Will you stay
7.The running man 8.Lost without you
9.She's drivin' me mad 10.My little girl
11.Tonight 12.Trivialities
12.She's the world 13.It's too late
1.Take the money and run
2.Bad company blues
3.Down the line 4.Manhunt
5.The sound
6.I hear the pounding of my heart
7.Dick Turpin
8.Welcome to the nightmare
9.Trapped in my bottle of beer
10.Norman Moving down the street
11.No more 12.Wild man
13.Make your name count
1.Rock the joint 2.Pink 'n' black
3.Tired 'n' sleepy 4.Teenage boogie
5.Tear it up 6.Wildcat rock
7.Sugar doll 8.We say yeah
9.Death row 10.Moonstomp
11.Ghost train 12.Crazy maybe
13.Brother can you spare a dime
14.It's all over now 15.Phantom rockers
16.Charlie 17.I can't stop 18.We say yeah
The Griswalds
Who framed The Griswalds?
Various artists
American Rockabilly
The Nitros
Stompin' beat
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American rockabilly
Nitros LP sleeve
1.Fright night 2.Surfin' for a blonde 3.Deadtime 4.Happy hour 5.Hit man
6.Blue oyster palace
7.Who's cryin' now?
8.Stop, jump about 9.Rich bitch
10.Gay barn dance 11.Crazy little kid 12.Spasms 13.Mean mother..
14.Tiger feet 15.The hucklebuck
16.Cry baby blues 17.Robbie robot 18.Sweeney Todd 19.Nighthawk 20.Psycho tendencies
1. The Jackals - Psychobilly Belinda
2. Paul Roman - The Devil can have my soul
3. Harry Hepcat - Gonna slice you baby
4. Trouble bound - Muddy water
5. Richard Younger - Handful of girls
6. The Quakes - 1,000 Kats
7. Beverly Stauber - I'm gone
8. Hal Singer - B.S. I love you
9. Paul Roman - Bounce right back
10. The Jackals - The stroll
11. Kevin Fayte - I ain't comin' back
12. The Nervous Fellas - Shake tonight
13. The Atomics - She's mine
14. The Screamin' Roosters - She won't say maybe
15. Beverly Stauber - Mercy
16. The Blue Hearts - Sugaree
1.I'm doin' fine
2.What's gonna come of me
3.Stompin' beat 4.I'll cry instead
5.Scrapin' the barrel
6.Crazy little thing called love
7.I ain't mad 8.Gotta pay
9.Rockin' all night 10.Dyin' day
11.Devils' ship 12.Swingsville
13.Running out of time
14.Midnight special
15.All I can do is cry
Round the world
Rusti Steel & The Tintax
More Dollars than cents
The Rattlers
Never say die
Round the world
Rusti Steel & The Tintax Never say die LP sleeve
1.Catch 22 2.20 flight rock
3.Torment 4.These chains
5.You did nothing 6.Three's a crowd
7.Scared of myself 8.Out of my head
9.I'm a loser 10.Missing you
11.Funeral party 12.Rules for fools
1.Lookin' for a dollar
2.Bright moon
3.Dreams 4.A date with the blues
5.The old J. D.
6.How could you do it
7.Why'd you go away
8.You're leavin', I'm grievin'
9.More dollars than sense
10.Pretty little baby
11.Tie me down
12.The lights of my old home town
13.The language of love
14.Sick and tired (Speller)*
1.Gone forever 2.Cruisin' around
3.For your love 4.She's the one
5.Saving it all for you 6.Loaded dice
7.Leavin' you behind 8.Never say die
9.The man with the twi-light eyes
10.For you no more 11.Forbidden love
12.October moon
13.Never catch me again
14.Face the fact
15.Friday on my mind
16.A long way to go
Home grown rockabilly
The Lost Souls
Chasing a dream
The Screaming Kids
Don't get down
Home Grown Rockabilly The Lost Souls - Chasing a dream Click to buy
1. Crazy love -
The Meteors (Fenech)
2. London is my hillbilly home -
Johnny Key And The Kool Kats
3. Rockin' this joint tonite -
The Rhythm Cats
4. Hi ho fiddle dee dee -
Gentleman Jim Mealey
5. I'm on my way -
The Rhythm Cats
6. Tears fallin' down like rain -
Johnny Key And The Kool Cats
7. Go away -
The Meteors
8. Move over baby -
The Rhythm Cats
9. Rockin' all nite -
The Polecats
10. Little confused -
Gentleman Jim Mealey
11. My baby loves me -
The Meteors
12. My baby's gone -
The Rhythm Cats
13. Second hand information -
Gentleman Jim Mealey
14. Fallin' for you -
Johnny Key And The Kool Kats
15. I'd find you -
Gentleman Jim Mealey
16. Keep my big wheels turnin' -
Johnny Key And The Kool Kats
17. Make you realise -
Johnny Key And The Kool Kats
18. Rockin' on down the line -
Gina And The Rockin' Rebels
19. Thinkin' on you -
Gina And The Rockin' Rebels
20. Hillbilly music -
Johnny Key And The Kool Kats
1.Chasing a dream
2.All day and all of the night
3.Prisoner of love
4.Dancing with myself
5.Feel the pain 6.Only one for me
7.Dead stay dead 8.Devil in disguise
9.Surf bitch 10.She's gone
11.Skid row 12.Never gonna stop
13.Death bone alley 14.Lost souls
1.Suck my poison
2.Stop shakin' them
3.Luger 4.L'homme à la moto
5.Hope you never see my woman cry
6.My split 7.Go home
8.Don't get down 9.Little John
10.Young boys wild boys
11.Ride and die 12.Baby's gone
13.Rock'n'roll haunts my blues
14.Family ties
The Nervous Fellas
Born to be wild
The Quakes
Voice of America
Nervous Fellas LP cover
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1.Real gone lover 2.Finally met my baby
3.Jealous heart 4.I'll be sorry
5.Get outta this town
6.Until you come home
7.Mon-eyed 8.Born to be wild
9.Gimme something strong
10.Dateless night
11.Evil ways 12.Don't bug me
1.Worse and worse 2.Hypnosis
3.Who do you love?
4.You know! Don't you?
5.Washed out 6.Wait for the call
7.I can't stand the rain
8.Psyclone Joe 9.Don't despair
10.Don't know 11.Alien nation
12.Divedemyize 13.Sad man
1.Puttin' out the flame
2.One of a kind
3.Nuthin' goin' down
4.Paint it black 5.U.S.A.
6.Chick hunt
7.Stick to your guns
8.All messed up 9.Far away
10.What will they say?
11.Ice cold baby
12.I gotta go 13.Growin' up evil
14.Strike out king
The Coffin-nails
Who's he?
Cutting through the red tape
Boppin' in Canada
Who's he?Click to buyClick to buy
1.Skeleton swamp
2.Humungus's horse blues
3.Midnight hour 4.Unbalanced
5.Been around the world
6.Inspector Clueso
7.She's a moose 8.Mission impossible
9.Dr. Frankenstein's castle
10.Carling Black Label
11.The loch
12.Peter (the street cleaner)
1.She's the world (Crazy song)
2.It's too late
3.I keep thinkin' of you
4.Why should I lie
5.Gone ridin'
6.I still can't get away
7.I've lost the race
8.I need you tonight
9.I'm gonna make her mine
10.Loving you
11.You turn me on
12.I think she will
13.Little devil
14.I can't go on
15.I can't live without you
16.I'm still in love with you
1. The Stingin' Hornets
Rocket in my pocket
2. The Rockin' Fools - Steady job
3. The Dots - Drip drop
4. Rocky Craig - Boppin' tonight
5. The Yodells - Yodell stomp
6. The Midnite Wailers
Down this road
7. Shotgun Shack - Ain't no reason
8. Carmen Westfall
Roadhouse tonight
9. The Stingin' Hornets
Pretty bad blues
10. The Rockin' Fools
Little Red Rabbit
11. The Dots - Jim Dandy
12. The Nervous Fellas
Wild wild baby
13. The Tiger Sharks
I'd rather be with you
14. Johnny 'Free' Tibet
Gotta git it on
15. Craig Morrison & The Moments
Gal named Jo
16. Herald Nix - Wild wild women
17. Six Gun Justice
Infatuated with you
18. Wiggy Dunnit - Wasaga Beach
19. The Dusty Chaps
Psychopath of love
20. The Dusty Chaps
Whistling fool
21. Les Mongols - Nautiloid Reef
22. The Dots - Rhyme and reason
23. Ray Condo/Hardrock Goners
Crazy mixed up world
24. Ray Condo/Hardrock Goners
Wild guitar
The Scamps
The Nekromantix
Curse of the coffin
Beverly Stauber
Nail my feet to the kitchen floor
Mayday CD cover Click to buy Click to buy
1.Should I stay 2.Play man
3.Dead or alive 4.Voodoo girl
5.Mystery girl 6.Poor boy
7.I go to pieces
8.Help me please
9.Keep on going straight
10.Afore ye go 11.Lost generation
13.Life is not so fine
14.Luscious 15.Shake your hips
1.Devil smile
2.Curse of the coffin
3.S/M 4.Motorpsycho
5.Alice in psycholand
6.Way down to Hell
7.Howlin' at the moon
8.New born son of Satan
9.Save my grave
10.Survive or die
11.Part two 12.Drugshock
13.Rockin' reptile
14.Mama don't allow
1.Let's have a party
2.Lonely girl
3.Hot rockin' romeo 4.Running back
5.Gotta lotta rhythm
6.Nail my feet to the kitchen floor
7.Tough lover 8.Too late now
9.Train of pain 10.Crazy fever
11.Eeenie meenie miney mo
12.It's all in the game
13.I'm the one 14.Tear it up
15.Rock'n'roll honky tonk rambling man
Clockwork toy
Various artists
Live at The Big Rumble
Sonny West
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1.Clockwork toy 2.I see red
4.Nightmares 5.Love is the drug
6.Mexican radio 7.Howard Hughes
8.In my prison 9.Aftermath
10.Nobody's business
11.Whose life 12.Don't give up
13.Gotta go! 14.The Hunt
15.House on fire
1. The Atomics - I do declare
2. Restless - New Orleans
3. Restless - Shake your moneymaker
4. The Lost Souls - Devil in disguise
5. The Lost Souls - Prisoner of love
6. Mad Sin - Moonlight shadows
7. Mad Sin - Walltown
8. The Razorbacks - Hot rod man
9. Boozy - Boozy
10. Los Renegados - Soy un renegado
11. Cyclone - Bates Motel
12. Cyclone - Cyclone shock
13. The Nekromantix - Alice in Psycholand
14. The Nekromantix - Motor psycho
15. The Numbskulls - Psychophobia
16. Demented Are Go! - Anal wonderland
17. The Dypsomaniaxe - Bad habit
18. The Coffin Nails - Loose woman
19. Skitzo - Empty room
20. Spellbound - Legend of the past
1.Come on everybody
2.Come on, let's go
3.Guitar attack 4.Relentless
5.Think it over baby 6.Almost grown
7.Jasmine 8.Icehouse
9.Take and give
10.Wyle E. Coyote 11.Blue fire
12.I'm a man 13.So long baby
14.Doin' the boogie 15.Darlene
16.Hot choc 17.Runaway girl
18.I'll be there
The Radium Cats
Other worlds
The Blue Cats
The tunnel
The Taggy Tones
Viking attack
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1.Martian hop 2.Six foot down
3.The freak
4.My girl is like uranium
5.Idol with the golden head
6.Great shakin' fever
7.Return of the mystery train
8.Well I knocked
9.Strange baby strange
10.Eraserhead 11.Let it rot
12.Zuvembi stroll 13.Pink hearse
14.Surfin' D.O.A.
1.Man with a mission
2.Galluping man
3.Casting my spell
4.The Tunnel 5.Heavens gate
6.Cry on the wind 7.Car 76
8.Take and give
9.Bad mans money
10.Wild dogs of Kentucky
11.Rivers bend
12.All I can do is cry
1.So fine, so kind 2.B.C stomp
3.501 4.John and Mary
5.Pretty eyes 6.Rebel cat
7.To my dad
8.Paris, Copenhagen
9.Crazy love 10.Viking attack
11.Crazy kid
12.From me to you
13.C'mon Johnny
14.Sound of guns
15.Letter to my baby
16.Myggen svermer
Colbert Hamilton
And the Hell-razors
Figure it out
The Quakes
New generation
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Click to buy
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1.Wow 2.Mystery train
3.Half hearted love 4.Woman love
5.Rock therapy
6.Long blonde hair
7.Ice cold 8.Long black shiny car
9.Nervous breakdown 10.Love me
11.I'm so high
12.Good rockin' tonight
13.I'll never let you go
14.Don't knock upon my door 15.Love me
1.Road to paradise
2.Guitar man
3.Nowhere to go
4.Just an echo
5.Empty hands
6.Better than nothing
7.Still waiting 8.I go wild
9.Shopping around
10.Going back
11.His latest flame
12.Memoir blue
1.New generation
2.How brave are you
3.Stranded in the streets
6.Dateless night
8.Behind the wheel
9.It's gone
10.Your castle
11.Gothic girl
12.Now I wanna
13.Lover's curse
The Rattlers
Scare me to death
Three Blue Teardops
One part fist
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1.Scare me to death
2.Little Red#1
3.Mine all mine
4.The cat crept in
5.Hey baby! 6.Always yours
7.You're my baby
8.The rattlin' boogie
9.I don't want you
10.Little Red#2 11.Movin' on
12.Ever lovin' baby
13.The Devil rides out
14.Walkin' whistlin' blues
1.Sinner's spiritual
2.Rough and tumble world
3.Cadillac Jack
4.Switchblade pompadour
5.Wanted man
6.Red head gal
7.Ricochet rhythm rockabilly
8.In my own time
9.Jenny the generator
11.Go! She-devil
12.Rustblet bop
13.Claimjumper blues
14.Another doggone Saturday night

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